Spoiled Sphynx

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Posh is the Queen here at Spoiled Sphynx Cattery. She is a gentle, graceful angel who greets all new faces with nose boops and purring trills. She loves to hunt bugs, nap in sunbeams and  cuddling. 

If Posh had fur, she'd be a red tabby. Notice her orange and white nose? Texturally, she feels like a peach. She has gold eyes and pawsitively loves being a mama cat! She has lots of fun with her kittens and takes good care of them. She's two years old. 

Dash is the king of Spoiled Sphynx Cattery. He's a dynamic, one year old tomcat with a flare for fetching and burrowing into his favorite blankie. He often rules his kingdom from his bed and prefers to spend his days snacking, napping and knocking things off the kitchen table. He fancies himself a world class mouse hunter and string catcher. He has a deep, personal relationship with his scratching post. 

The only thing he loves more that cheese, is Posh, because she's gorgeous and he's completely obsessed with her beauty. He brings her toys daily and even shares his breakfast with her. What can we say? He's in love.